We use these guidelines to decide whether we’ll provide funding.

  1. Location
    Your organisation or the project must be based in Canterbury.
  2. Organisation
    You can be any type of legal entity but we have a preference for supporting business activities.
  3. Focus
    Your project must be an initiative that creates or inspires long-term environmental benefits.
  4. Additionality
    Your project must be new to your organisation and would not happen without external funding
  5. Project Size
    We typically provide $5k-$100k.


We are flexible but we like to follow this process.

  1. Talk to us
    Get in touch with our manager and we’ll give you an indication of whether your project is a possible fit with SIFT.
  2. Submit your application
    Download the SIFT Funding Application Form and email the completed form to
  3. Application review
    Your application is reviewed and if eligible, we may ask you for supporting information.
  4. Provide supporting information
    Email your supporting information to
  5. Decision
    Your funding application is considered and you’ll be advised of the outcome.

You can apply for funding from SIFT at any time.